PetPack® BOX

The flat bottom bag offers exceptional steadiness due to its perfect box shape, it also improves visibility on store shelves and enhances the brand appearance.

The most important property of this packaging product is its flat, stable base with rounded edges, for excellent stability and easy emptying. Now it’s possible to produce PetPack®BOX not only in small and medium size, but also large size up to 15 kg (dry pet food)!!

Depending on the requirements, various additional features are available for the PetPack®BOX. Side Carrying handle, Punched hole for hanging up (euroslot), Rounded corners, Easy opening, Single Lip & Top Zip, Resealable closure Easy-Lock Touch Plus + (Aplix)

Easy-Lock is a micro hook to micro hook intuitive closure, very innovative and extremely user friendly. This pack reclosable system increases the customer satisfaction.

At Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a. innovation happens everyday!

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