Bobine di tubolare

Rolls of tubing

Standard poly tubing, monolayer or Coex.
Lay-flat monolayer or laminated tubing with rear seal. Films with different types of barrier. With or without gussets. Air removal system with special micro or nano perforations.
Low-slip embossing or over print varnish.

"Tailor made" composition based on customer requests, with up to four-layer solventless laminates.

Printing on the back and front up to 6 colours for sacks made with tubing, printing up to 9 colours for lay-flat with back rear sealing.


Width from 38 to 70 cm
Length from up to 100 cm
Gusset width from 8 to 20 cm

Standard polytubing, monolayer or coex "designed to measure” based on customer needs.
Lay-flat monolayer or laminated tubing with rear seal with different types of barrier, LDPE, HDPE coex and aluminium-coated.

Features and optionals
Films with different types of barrier
With or without gussets
Air removal system by macro or micro perforation
Low-slip embossing or varnish

Raw Materials

Raw materials in compliance with all European current regulations for food contact packaging.
LDPE – LLDPE low density polyethylene flat or tubing
COEX special co-extruded film with up to 5 layers
OPA Biaxially-oriented polyamide
ALU Aluminium

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